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Spoonbill-Pink Seed Beads

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You don’t just see a spoonbill anywhere.  In fact the only place I can predictably see a spoonbill is in Ding J.N. Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, Florida.  If I get up at 7 a.m. and get to the park when the gates open and the tide is low, the spoonbills gather on a sandy little spot.

Spoonbills, a wading bird of a beautiful pink, use their spoon-shaped bills to feed themselves. They reach into the water and shake their head from side to side swishing the water (somehow) through their beaks so they can catch small delights to eat.

It’s the pink of the spoonbill that is unique.  You can see for yourself in the photos.  If the spoonbills are of the age to mate, they will have even darker pink wing tips.

It is my prediction that pink will become the power color of the future.  Right now, the power suit is navy or black.  But pink is a unique color that can unify and empower people.  One day, when a woman or a man wears a pink jacket, it will be a power jacket.  Not just any pink, but spoonbill-pink.

Having told you all this, then you will understand when I tell you that I was in a store passing by a basket of seed beads.  One vial caught my eye.  Spoonbill-pink!

What will I make with them?  Not sure yet, but likely some kind of cabochon with a tribute to the spoonbill and the power of pink.


2 thoughts on “Spoonbill-Pink Seed Beads

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