Big wood beads

American Association of Woodturners Symposium 2013

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I attended the American Association of Woodturners‘ Symposium in Tampa recently and loved it.  There was a variety of sessions and I am overwhelmed with all that I saw and learned.

Of course the exhibition hall with all of the lathes and the exotic varieties of wood that you would not just find anywhere were equally intriguing.  Ultimately, (although I tried to resist) I ended buying one of the off-center jigs for turning pendants.  Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but you can rest assured you will see the results here or on my soon-to-be Etsy shop.

You can read another view on the conference from someone who attended the copper bracelet session.  It would have been interesting to meet at Tampa to meet a fellow blogger, but isn’t that the world or blogging! I know she was there only because I found her blog because she found my blog!


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