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Bead soup served beautifully in woodturned cherry bowl

A slice of the cherry tree

A slice of the cherry tree

A beautiful plank of cherry wood from Jim’s place Lance by  Lumber has been begging me to turn a wood bowl.  Jim has provided me with a wealth of beautiful native wood that becomes bowls, platters, cabochons and Native American style flutes.  I just love working with the wood I get from Jim because it is always so colorful.  Admittedly there are lots of surprises as I turn the wood because sometimes you just can’t believe the wood is that beautiful once you start turning it.

As I turned the bowl from the cherry blank, I could see the wood was wormy yet had beautiful striations and patterns.  Not until I finished — as in applying the finish — did the real color become evident.

As I turn bowls, they become part of my bead soup of the moment.  The color, the grain, the naturalness of the wood inspires me.

What better place to serve bead soup than a beautiful, recently turned cherry bowl.  See for yourself!


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