Beaded Cabochons / Seed Bead / Wood cabochons

Beaded RedBud Wood Cabochons

Beaded Red Bud Cabochon

May 24, is the final entry date for the Bead Star 2013 competition.    I entered two finished pieces and am delighted to have done so.  It’s my first Bead Star competition and I hope not my last.

There were several pieces I worked on that I thought about entering, but settled on just two. I wonder how many pieces others enter?

Cabochon Medallion

Since I’ve been on a roll lately and trying to do several beaded cabochons, here is a medallion based on the Red Bud cabochons I turned earlier.

I wanted to have bright, summer, fun colors and so the red 8s and 11s combined with copper Sunshine finish on the outside with the yellow 11s.  For the inside bezel, I was able to find some red-lined 15s.

Wood Cabochon Advantages

There are several advantages of working with wood cabochons.  First the wood is light.  It makes for a manageable weight.  The final piece is not as heavy as it would be if it were stone or polymer.

Second, the wood is sturdy.   Very seldom does it crack or mar once the cabochon has been turned and finished.

Third, each cabochon is very unique.  Even though the wood may be the same kind of wood as another cabochon, the spalting, tree rings, and other natural events (even worm paths can be intriguing if finished properly) make each cabochon truly unique.

There are more advantages of working with wood cabochons, but I think I’ll save them for another post!


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