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Native American Flute: Embroidered Cabochon & Pendant

Native American flute necklaceAbout two years ago, I entered one of my Native American style flutes in the flute-making contest at  Musical Echoes.

It was the first ever flute-making contest I had entered and aside from having worked extensively to figure out how to incorporate the manatee theme into or onto my flute, I really wanted the silver Native American flute charm that all entrants received.

Although I didn’t place — competing among folks who had been making flutes for years in my first year of making flutes — I did receive the silver Native American flute charm.

It is neither common nor easy to come across a detailed, crafted charm for Native American flute.

The transverse flute has standardized charms, but not so the Native American flute.

I’ve been meaning to put it on something that would bestow the honor that it is to play and to make the flutes.  Finally, I got around to adding turquoise and more to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Native American Flute: Embroidered Cabochon & Pendant

  1. hello my name is Patrick I make my own jewelry and I was wondering if possible if you could tell me where to get the flute pendant that you used on your jewelry I love it very much and I have a friend who makes flutes and I would love to buy that pendant and use it to make him something very special thank you

    • The flute (sterling silver) is from a flute-making contest I entered a few years ago. It’s not for sale. The jeweler who handcrafted them has since passed.

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