Beaded Cabochons / Seed Bead

Mom’s Seashell Cabochon

Beaded Cabochon SeashellInspired by my Bead Soup Blog Party partner’s wonderful bead embroidered necklace (take a peak, here), I wanted to try making a simple embroidered seashell cabochon.

Since I was visiting family in Naples, Florida, I found a suitable seashell from the Naples beach and used the technique described in Jamie Eakin’s book to use clay for the seashell backing.  Then the complete unit was glued onto Lacie’s stiff stuff.

Mother wanted purples and pinks, so there are pink Swarovski crystals around the outside of the shell.  Two shades of purple, two shades of pink and copper and gold beads are used for the cabochon.

Purple cabochon

The chain has gold and purple sead beads with gold accent beads and small amethyst pieces.  The backing is suede with a gold sunshine stitch around the edge.

I must admit it is much more fun embroidering the shell than it is stringing beads onto the actual necklace part.   But I was able to start and finish it with mother seeing most of the steps of the process.  She wore it to supper the last night I was visiting. An advanced Mother’s Day gift.


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Seashell Cabochon

    • Andra you are the one who inspired me to look into beading cabochons and bead embroidery! Had I not met you, I would have never even looked up what it meant to do bead embroidery around cabochons. Of course, then I discovered that I love it. You won’t believe the number of cabochons I have suddenly amassed! But I wanted to try a seashell. Mother told me she wore her new necklace to church and liked getting compliments about it. Each piece affords new learning!

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