Beaded Cabochons / Seed Bead

Laura’s Beaded Cabachon

Beaded Cabochon

It’s always fun to make gifts for family and friends because you can customize the gift.

When I recently visited with some of my family members I was able to do some bead embroidery while talking with them. And, I was also able to share some jewelry making techniques I’d recently learned with my sister.

Here is the necklace I created for Laura — she likes teal, pink, gold and so I could finish this for her in a couple of days.

The stone was some kind of “chrysolite” in the jewelry store and I made the bezel with pearl light blue, pink and gold. The cabochon is glued on Lacie’s stiff stuff and then surrounded with a circle of size 10 pearlescent light blue, silver-lined 11 teals, gold 11s. The back is a beige suede and the edge is finished with kind of blanket stitch of the silver-lined teals.

Beaded Cabochon - teal

Happy Birthday, Laura


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