Multistrand Ideas

multistrand jewelry book cover

It’s the cover that caught my attention.  Doesn’t it catch your attention?

Very striking and the perfect idea I need to finish my Bead Soup necklace.  I have been stymied as to how to design the look of one of my pieces for the Bead Soup reveal.  The date for the reveal was moved from April 6 to 13, but I am glad of this because it’s been tough to get everything done.  Throw in a round of flu and that really slows you down.

The book review was on Beading Gem and claims the book is good for beginners with tips like:

  • Put smaller beads in the back make the fit more comfortable.
  • Use large clasps support heavy gemstone weight

But I think I don’t need more than the cover of this book to help me finish my bead soup project.  I’ve not made much that hasn’t been symmetrical, balanced and all of the design distractions of other times.  So this will be fun!


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