French Beaded Flowers / Seed Bead

Noticing the small beads …

French Beaded Pointsettia in oak vase

One of my first French Beaded flowers in oak vase (turned from neighbor’s fallen tree)

Yesterday I found Julia’s post about her first foray into French Beaded Flowers.

I found her post because WordPress has the Zemata “recommendations” feature which I have found to be more delightful than Google Alerts.

Her first attempts are gorgeous and my favorite was the little pearlescent blossom. She learned to make French Beaded Flowers because she needed to take it easy.

I learned to make French Beaded Flowers  just before Christmas holidays because I had strep throat. Not being able to talk or move led to finding Lana’s videos (mentioned in an earlier post on French Beaded Flowers) and begin making the flowers.  I wonder if Lana knows how influential her videos are?

I managed to make 6 entire Christmas gifts and develop a love for making the flowers and vases.

One thing that led me back to read more of Julia’s blog (beyond the French Beaded Flowers post) was its title “All Sparkled Up: Like dew hanging from the tip of a leaf, a single bead or word adds sparkle where there was none.”

It’s an intriguing philosophy — that it takes but the tiniest of things to make something sparkle.  Loved the idea.

For beaders, it’s knowing the tiniest of beads can make the largest influence on the entire tone of the piece.   For people, it’s remembering that the tiniest of nods or words could change an entire day for someone.  And we all can’t forget that the biggest of things takes only a second to happen.

Thanks for your blog, Julia!


2 thoughts on “Noticing the small beads …

    • I’ve enjoyed your blog and will check back to see what else you create — especially those French beaded flowers!

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