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Big Wood Beads to light up your life

wood-beads-lightwood-beadsDesign milk recently posted about these big wood beads — a “pendant lamp.”.

The beads are gorgeous and have “coves and beads” (woodturning terms) turned in them that remind me of my first practicing on a lathe. These three beads (top right) look like poplar, mahogany and white oak.

woodturning wood beads

The photography on the site where the beads are made and sold – Marz Design –has an enticing combination of black & white background to highlight color of the big wood beads.

The photogaphy is great.

But, well …. hmmm … I have a bare bulb hanging over my lathe too. Just like that picture. Except there are no big wood beads decorating the cord.

And, I can tell you if I put big wood beads on the cord holding the bulb the beads would be covered in sawdust in no time.

Sigh… they would become one more awkward thing to vacuum at the end of each woodturning session.

But what about incorporating something like this as a focal in a necklace?  Dangerous? Intriguing?  Silly? Outrageous?  Hmm…. possible.

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