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Turning a wood pendant at The Bell Woodturners’ Club

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My first meeting with the Bell woodturners’s club this past week featured a demonstration by Scott on how to use the offsetting chuck for making pendants.

I’ve read various descriptions for turning pendants but I’d not seen anyone turn an offset pendant before, so this was most helpful.

The setup for watching was great with the lathe next to a large screen for checking the details. This was particularly important because when the cherry pendant was offset it’s very hard to see where the pendant starts. Scott marked the tool rest to show where to cut but even still if you were too close to the edge of the pendant, you could crack or chip the piece and need to start all over again.

Scott turned two pieces as part of the demonstration. He added strings and turned them into necklaces for two young gals in the audience.

The pendants were great to show grain in the wood. And it was helpful to see how Scott used the off-setting to make different patterns in the pendant.

2 thoughts on “Turning a wood pendant at The Bell Woodturners’ Club

    • Hi Susan,
      Yes, I do see wood cabochons. Usually I turn the cabochons with wood pieces after I have cut the blanks for my Native American style flutes. So the different woods I have on hand vary from week to week. I’m traveling right now, but could post images of what I have when I return in a few weeks. Would that work for your?

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