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The Mirrix Loom Contest

Free bead loom pattern from mirrixlooms

Update:  Well, the winners are posted here.  It was a good exercise, and it’s a good thing I have my trusty wood looms to create with.


Last night I started working on my Mirrix Looms contest entry which is due April 1, 2013.  If you spend a bit of time looking around the Mirrix looms website, you’ll find something that will interest you.

Although I currently use my handcrafted looms for seed beads, both the bead weaving and weaving descriptions on mirrix bring on loom lust. Last summer I attended Campbell Folk School and met several fiber weavers in a spinning class.  To hear them talk was to wish to watch them weave.

Just recently, Claudia of mirrix, posted some bead patterns on her blog.  I love the first pattern and really love that when you click on it, you can see it nice and large.  Perhaps I haven’t read far enough, but I wonder if I use the pattern for one of my Native American style flute wraps if it is a royalty free pattern.  Some patterns are free to use but if you are going to make and sell them, there are royalties involved.   I haven’t seen anything (doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist) on the site so far.

The Mirrix Looms company is owned by a mother-daughter team and somewhere I read the story of how the business unfolded.  The fact that (a) the company’s run by a mother-daughter duo and (b) they have a great slogan “Because the loom you weave on should be a work of art”  makes me love the company and want to see its success.  I just don’t have the budget right now to put my money where my blog writing is … which brings me back to the contest.

seed bead loomsAlthough I cannot afford a $200 small bead loom, it would change my workflow to have one.  At this point in time I have paid a total of $9.99 for the typical craft loom, found it unstable and crazy, so I built a wood base around it to:

  • catch my beads when they fall
  • hang on the wall to store since space is filled
  • be more stable so I could make the Native American style flute wraps while watching football. Don’t laugh, it can be done.

I made a second, smaller loom (right) that can travel. It’s limited to a fifteen-size 11 bead width.

Maybe I should earmark the selling of flute wrap #100?  If I have made and sold that many flute wraps, it would be time to upgrade. This will be a while as I am on my 5th beaded wrap.  Ah, so much more exciting to dream about winning a mirrix!

You can view the entries to-date for the contest  here. They may inspire you to enter yourself. If you do, best of luck!


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