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Bead Soup a Veritable Feast!

On first opening the box

On first opening the box

When my bead soup arrived from my partner, Andra Weber  for the 7th annual Bead  Soup Blog Party, I couldn’t wait to sit down and open the box.

I started with the card where Andra wrote encouraging words for a first timer.  This is Andra’s third Bead Soup and my first.  I hardly knew what to expect.

With the card were two embroidered bags and a cabochon with fern patterns on it.  O Wow.

These two small bags are going in my purse so I can carry beading with me for those moments when you are waiting and need to keep busy in the interim. Beautiful little bags that will replace the small cardboard box I had been using.

Andra sent an array of incredibly beautiful natural colors of stones, pearls and seed beads.  It’s an amazing feast — far more than just a soup — that will keep me beading for quite some time.

As pictured below my bead soup consisted of:

      • 1 strand old crazy lace agate
      • 1 strand coffee diamond pearls
      • Funky green pearls
      • Copper spacers
      • Copper toggle
      • Green agate focal
      • 4 tubes of size 11 seed beads
      • 1 tube S/L yellow/green Delicas, size 11
      • 1 tube S/L brown Delicas, size 15
      • 2 embroidered bags
Bead Soup Delight

Bead Soup Delight: A veritable feast (click image for larger view)

Since my photo area is outside in the backyard, I enjoyed the play of light on several of the pieces. This leads, as you will see, to several more photos in the glistening light.

The focal is fabulous.  I used to tumble stones when I was 12 or so and one of the things I loved was when my family would find crystals and rocks on our travels.  This has elements of moss agate, granite and a geode-like-center of crystals.  Absolutely stunning.

Green focal side one

Green agate focal Side 2

The second focal was made by Andra’s friend from  Andra put it on Lacie’s stiff stuff (what a dear she is!) to help me with my ambitions to learn good bead embroidery techniques.   With a beautiful green fern pattern, I couldn’t resist trying different  seed bead colors with it.  What fun with leaves and stone focals!!

Ferns and Greens -- Faves of Mine

Ferns and Greens — Faves of Mine

Hmm ... How does this look together?

Hmm … How does this look together?

Look at the patterns in these stones. Ah, what joy imagining where they will be.

I share this close up of the old crazy lace agate string because there are such wonderful colors in them.  How could Andra have known I love the natural stones.

Andra, you’ve sent me a veritable feast.  Thank-you.  I absolutely love it.  I have months and months of beading joy with these pieces.  Oh wait — not too many months.  Our reveal is in April !!!


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