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Turning Redbud Wood Cabochons

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Recently I gathered several redbud limbs.  Friend Paula told me she’d had to cut down a Redbud tree and had left the limbs out back for me.  She knows I will turn them into something.

Paula’s redbud looks great for cabochons.  It has a lot of rot and spalting — which is of course why she cut it down. Spalting, the fancy name for the color because of rot and fungi, can be beautiful.

So for a little break after work, I promised myself an hour on the lathe to see how Paula’s redbud would turn out.  I turned several cabochons out of  two pieces and then the third limb section looked like a small vase to me.  That is one thing about working with limbs from trees — you never really know what you have until you get it on the lathe and read the wood.

7 Redbud cabochons different sizes

7 Redbud cabochons different sizes

What do you think of the color on those cabochons? Click on the image for a larger view.  They’re not cookies (although they look like it)!

They’ll need a few more coats of shellac to seal them fully and bring the full shine out. Then, I’ll have trouble waiting to decide which seed beads will work to turn one into a beaded cabochon.  Greens,  bronze, brown …. hmmm

Update:  Here is one cabochon finished with seed beads since I wrote this post.


3 thoughts on “Turning Redbud Wood Cabochons

    • Andra, you have such a great sense of color.
      It’s so exciting. I just picked up the “soup” tonight! Wow! So cool! Starting my blog post now to release tomorrow. Wow Wow Wow! More tomorrow. 🙂

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