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Digital Beading Australia: New Online Magazine

digital-beading-Australian-JoomagThe photography is wonderful in the new Digital Beading Australia magazine.

I heard about this magazine from Mandi Ainsworth’s  Bead circle Podcast Feb. 6, 2013 episode.  How delighted was I that Mandi is podcasting again.  And this morning after hearing the podcast, I had to check out the online only magazine.

I purchased the December issue of Digital Beading Australia for $4.95 thinking I’d see how it was before buying a subscription.  But  so strangely it’s .30 less to buy 6 individual issues than to subscribe to six issues for $24.95.  Hello marketing.

Actually I looked for a colophon but didn’t find anything except a welcome from the editor.  Surely a team put this mag together?  A photographer, writers, layout and graphic designers — marketer?  Did I miss the credits?

Anyway, the magazine has stunning photography.  I checked it out both on Joomag and by downloading the  341MB file.  Don’t  try downloading it to your iPhone as I did.    The magazine is 158 pages and the file size is going to grow to that ginormous size when you have stunning photography.  Did I say the mag has stunning photography?

First I could see a preview of the magazine and there was an exclusive tutorial by Heidi Kummli that sold me on buying the full version.  Clever marketers.

Reading the magazine through Joomag is a horizontal process.  You can flip the pages and hear the sound  of flipping pages.  I have never made that much noise reading a paper magazine. Perhaps, if you don’t care about what you are reading and are (ha)  flippant about the content, then maybe you get that sound from your paper magazine.  But if you care, you are  holding the pages close, eagerly reading and studying the photographs (what great photography) and gently rolling back the paper page to reveal the next gold.

Did I mention there’s a fancy “click and zoom”  to help you read? I felt like a reckless driver  careening erratically around the page — zooming in and out on what I was trying to read.  Of course, with practice, patience, and time I should learn the new “click and zoom” technology and how to control it.  After all, that is what I teach — creating and controlling web technology.

But I don’t have the time and much prefer the pdf where I can zoom (and stop zooming) to suit my myopic tendencies and then suffer the vertical scrolling. Plus I’ve been putting pdfs like this in my Dropbox where I can read them more “mobilely” — although I guess it is too big a file to be quick.  But how fabulous that you can download the pdf for the privacy of offline reading (another preferred mode).  Last time I checked, competitors like Zinio and Magcloud didn’t allow offline reading.  And issuu requires passwords for downloading and, well, has issues.

Now to get the pdf creators to allow (yes, it’s a creator and permission issue)  the article to be searchable.  Digitally you have to be able to search 158 pages.  Now, where was the Heidi Kummli article again?  I haven’t tried to remove the articles I want yet (read: digitally ripping the pages from the magazine and filing them in a special digital place).


Via pdf I absorbed, read, and loved the article on “Heidi Kummli Magic” on how to make her lone white wolf pendant.  Admittedly I’ll not make it (even though she tells you where to buy everything you’d need) but have and will learn techniques for my own creations.  And I will read it again and again. That’s why I want to clip it.

This magazine is really worth checking out.  It covers much more than seed bead work and although I don’t work with glass, I found it interesting to read the tips for glass workers.  And the interviews with bead artists were enjoyable to read.  For the $4.95, I’m ready to do it again for the next issue.  Afterall I just spent $7.95 on Bead & Button’s interesting article on Heidi Kummli’s mosaic pendant featured on their front cover. I’ll not get Bead & Button on Zinio ($5.99 digital)  because it takes too much time to open a Zinio-hosted magazine on my iPad.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll see if I can replicate that “flipping page” sound when I read my paper magazines!


3 thoughts on “Digital Beading Australia: New Online Magazine

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Feels great to be podcasting again. This is a great review of the magazine b/c you mentioned some things I wouldn’t have considered. (usability etc.) I’ll be sharing it on the Bead Circle FB page 🙂

    • I really enjoy your podcast. Found it last night and listened to almost all of them. So glad you started it again. I’ll be doing a post on your podcast. I must admit I am partial to audio podcasts because I can listen and keep busy with my hands and eyes. So hope you don’t go to too much video. Your interview questions are great and I love that you don’t talk at the same time as the interviewee (so many people do and it’s hard to hear then). I can hardly wait for the next podcast! Thanks for the Ref.

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