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Bead Soup Sent Off

http://andrasjoyfuljourney.blogspot.comAndra of  Andra’s Joyful Journey should soon receive her bead soup.  The bead brew, boxed and in the mail, is as exciting to send as to receive.  I can hardly wait to see what Andra makes from it.

Since I turn — at the lathe — you can guess that there will be wood in the package.  In an email with Andra I learned she likes to bead embroidery.  This has led me, in turn, to read and pay attention to a new category of bead creation.  Yes, I’d seen books on bead embroidery before but I’d never known anyone who can actually do what I see in the books.  Reading Andra’s blog and seeing “Victorian Splendor” makes me pay attention to this style of beading.

Right now I have started to read Heidi Kummli‘s book “The Spirit of Bead Embroidery” (2012).  We’ll see how it all turns out!

2 thoughts on “Bead Soup Sent Off

    • Likewise. Visited your blog and tried to leave a comment but the “verifier” for comments wanted too much information. Guess it’s the difference between WordPress and Blogspot that makes it so hard to do a quick comment. Thanks for visiting!

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