Native American Flute Wrap / Seed Bead

Wrap for Native American Flute

Wrap for Native American Flute in progress

It’s almost complete — mountains in green with a copper sunset.  It will be a flute wrap for a D minor Native American style flute I am making.  Just a few more rows to go with a copper sun setting and I’m done.

I love the smaller and lighter loom (even though I have a larger one) because it can go almost anywhere and let me work on it when I had spare moments.  It is a bit too big for a purse, though.

The flute it will go on is a darker brown western cedar and I’m still debating if the leather strip should be a light or coffee color.

When it’s all done and on the flute, I’ll post a picture.

I’ve been collecting loom patterns on my Pinterest board.  If you see anything cool, leave a link in the comments.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Wrap for Native American Flute

    • Most wraps are made with size 11 seed beads. If the more consistent Miyukis or Tohos are used they seem smaller but are still the size 11.
      I have a few designs that would be best with size 15, but those would go on smaller flutes and of course, take longer.
      Do you make wraps?

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