turning beads

From Dogwood branch to big wood beads

dogwood branch to be turned into beads

Dogwood turns so beautifully — wet or dry.  So when a neighbor was cutting down a dogwood tree, I salvaged quite a bit of the tree.

This particular branch — probably the smallest thing I did salvage from the tree cutting — will make several big wood beads.  And since the azaleas are uncharacteristically in bloom right now, I took a picture of the branch by the azaleas.

The branch is cut into bead-size lengths.   I decide what size bead the branch will become and then drill the appropriate size hole in the branch.  Since, in this particular case, the wood is still green (i.e. not been kiln dried) it is best if the hole for the bead takes out the core of the branch.   Otherwise the wood will crack when drying over the next several months.

dogwood beads

Dogwood is one of my favorites for making a lot of things from branch flutes to beads or buttons.   Since it is such a white wood I like to change it up a bit by adding color or texture lines.

These are two beads I turned as a reward for finishing the turning of two flutes.


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